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Fund Name
Donate 49er's E.A. Kurth Science Award Scholarship
Donate Adelberg Family Scholarship Endowment
Donate Ahrens Park Capital Improvement Fund
Donate Ahrens Park Senior Walkers
Donate Anna Marie Emry Endowment Fund
Donate Audrey Pederson Memorial Scholarship
Donate Audrey Rivers Griffith Educational Scholarship
Donate Bear Creek Whitetails Unlimited Scholarship
Donate Berman Family Donor Advised Fund
Donate Brooklyn Community Foundation Endowment Fund
Donate Brooklyn Historical Society Endowment Fund
Donate Brooklyn Volunteer Fire Department Endowment Fund
Donate Carl and Joann Orr Endowment Fund
Donate Central Iowa Christian School Fund
Donate Chris' Heart Fund
Donate Chuck and Kate Delong Memorial Fund
Donate Citizen Scholarship Foundation of BGM - A Chapter of Dollars for Scholars Endowment Fund
Donate Clifford & Marilyn Strovers Scholarship
Donate Community Education Council Fund
Donate Community Fund for Poweshiek County Endowment
Donate Donald and Carol D. Kaisand Scholarship Endowment
Donate Doug Shutts Memorial Scholarship
Donate Doupnik/Hawkins Family Music Endowment Fund
Donate Drake Community Library Endowment Fund
Donate Dr. Jeff Knobloch Memorial Scholarship
Donate Dr. Kevin W. Sterk Elementary Student Needs Endowment Fund
Donate Early Childhood Endowment Fund
Donate East Poweshiek County Ambulance Endowment Fund
Donate EPC Scholarship Endowment
Donate Fitzgerald Family Scholarship
Donate GPCF Administrative Operations Fund
Donate Green Futures Scholarship Endowment
Donate Grinnell Area Arts Council Endowment Fund
Donate Grinnell Area Mental Health Consortium-JPK Endowment Fund
Donate Grinnell Early Learning Center Endowment Fund
Donate Grinnell Education Partnership Fund - Discretionary
Donate Grinnell Girls Camp Association Scholarship
Donate Grinnell High School Alumni Association
Donate Grinnell Historical Museum Endowment Fund
Donate Grinnell Lions Club Fund
Donate Grinnell Mutual Care and Share Fund
Donate Grinnell-Newburg Dollars for Scholars
Donate Grinnell-Newburg Dollars for Scholars Endowment Fund
Donate Grinnell-Newburg School Foundation
Donate Grinnell-Newburg School Foundation Endowment
Donate Grinnell-Newburg School Foundation - REDI Fund
Donate Grinnell-Newburg School Foundation - Safe Return to School PPE
Donate Grinnell-Newburg School Foundation - School Safety Campaign
Donate Grinnell-Newburg School Foundation - STRIPES
Donate Grinnell Regional Medical Center Endowment Fund
Donate Grinnell Regional Mental Health Endowment Fund
Donate Grinnell United Methodist Church Endowment Fund
Donate Grinnell Veterans Memorial Commission Building Campaign
Donate Harry Taylor/First Baptist Church Scholarship
Donate Hilke Family Scholarship
Donate Imagine Grinnell Endowment Fund
Donate Iowa Transportation Museum Endowed Scholarship
Donate James A . Shaeffer Award for Excellence in Theatre Arts Endowment Fund
Donate Jewel and John Kintzinger Scholarship Endowment
Donate JMP Charitable Contributions
Donate Jodie Gallagher Teachers Scholarship
Donate Kalleen Buchmeier Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Donate Lance Reimers Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Donate Lincoln Savings Bank Endowment Scholarship
Donate LINK Fund
Donate Lois Ogan and Mary Ellen Binegar Scholarship Endowment
Donate Lucille M. & Kenneth J. Benda Scholarship
Donate Lutheran Services in Iowa, Inc. Endowment Fund
Donate Lydia Reida Scholarship Endowment
Donate Lydia Reida Science Endowment Fund
Donate Marvin D. Bahr and Rosada E. Bahr Scholarship Endowment
Donate Mayflower Human Needs Endowment Fund
Donate McCormick Scholarship Endowment
Donate Michael J. Manatt Community Center Endowment Fund
Donate Montezuma Community Fund Endowment
Donate Montezuma Food Pantry Endowment Fund
Donate Montezuma Freedom Rock Endowment Fund
Donate Montezuma Public Library Fund
Donate Montezuma United Methodist Church Endowment Fund
Donate Nathan Figland Memorial Wrestling Scholarship Endowment
Donate Neil Lewis Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Donate Newburg Alumni Scholarship
Donate Nonprofit Emergency Relief Fund
Donate PALS Fund
Donate Petig Family Giving Donor Advised Fund
Donate Poweshiek County Alliance Endowment
Donate Poweshiek County Conservation Endowment
Donate Praestantia Scholarship Endowment
Donate Rachel & Richard Sanders Scholarship Endowment
Donate Racial Equity Fund
Donate Renaud Scholarship Endowment
Donate Rob Nebergall and Nancy Nebergall Bosma Scholarship Endowment
Donate Ronald Graham Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Donate Scandrett Family Scholarship Endowment
Donate School Building Campaign
Donate Second Mile Endowment Fund
Donate S.H.E. Counts Endowment
Donate S.H.E. Counts First Generation Scholarship
Donate Sid Potts Scholarship Endowment
Donate Station Clubhouse Fund
Donate Tiger Football Club
Donate Tiger Packs Endowment
Donate Tom and Connie Marshall Administrative Endowment
Donate TT Cranny Renovation Campaign
Donate UnityPoint GRMC Auxiliary Scholarship Endowment
Donate Victor T. Wilson M.D., Warren H. Bower M.D. and Surgical Associates Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Donate Vivian G. Craig Music Scholarship Endowment
Donate Williams Scholarship Endowment